Alabama yoyoers?

Any throwers in Tuscaloosa?

I’m in Tennessee but I go to some bama softball games and we should meet up if I’m there

I’m from Birmingham. There’s actually going to be a Georgia State contest in october if you want to go.

Ill be at this. I think leftylink and a couple other guys in here will be there too.

Awwww yeah :slight_smile: I might compete, but just for fun

Felix from Duncan crew lived in Tuscaloosa several years ago. I’m not sure if he still lives there or not. I live about 10 min north of Birmingham.

Hey man I’m in birmingham/shelby county alabama too hit me up if you ever want to hang out we can make a cool video or something I know a guy who is absolutely amazing with filming and editing and he throws too

Hey trent this is chris from cloud9 I am totally down to go if u want to carpool over to GA

^this guy^ btw is a seriously talented thrower everyone you should check out his videos he should be sponsored