"Natural" remedies.

bark! in our world of many different sorts of bearing cleaners and other “fixes”, I think it’s worth noting some “natural” (used loosely) remedies and fixes.
I have a few and if you have found any, list them!

  1. Bearing cleaning in soy sauce.
    I know this may sound completely stupid, but an experiment at a YoYo meeting showed that this works quite well. If you have a new lubed bearing, drop the bearing in a bit of soy sauce for a few seconds. Take out, dry off, and you will find that the bearing will play quite nice and smooth as if cleaned normally.
    I took a video of us trying this and if liked, I can post it. That bearing remained totally clean and fine for many days until I traded it off to which I heard no complaint.

  2. Bearing. Leaning with corn starch and 7 up.
    This one I was skeptical of. I first heard of this at nationals 06 when a group of throwers (including two national champions) were mentioning that it worked well. I tried it, mixing 7up and corn starch, and after a quick soak, I was pleasantly surprised. Apparently, the acidity if the citrus takes away the gunk buildup and the corn starch provides a nice smootheninv action within the inner race. I have a bearing set up as such right now in my RAD, and it’s given me no problems.

  3. String cutting on sidewalk edge.
    We e been there, need to shorten string but nothing to cut off the excess with.
    Learned this from Yosshi, take the part you want cut, go to any street corner, and rapidly pull down and toward you holding the two ends close to where you want the cut. Works perfect. Use a lighter to seal off the end so it doesn’t fray, and you’re good to go!

I’ll post more when I find them, but I open this up to any others who may also have some.
And if you have any doubt of these, I’ll be happy to post a video of any of them proving that they work. :wink:


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Not exactly natural… But sometimes instead of cleaning, i just blow my bearing out with compressed air.

Also a lot of skaters clean their bearings with those orange citrus cleaners

Finally! a use for 7up.

7-up is far from natural ;D

if you don’t have pliers or a bearing tool and you have to get your bearing out, unscrew your yoyo and wrap some old string on the axle (make sure the axel is on the side where the bearing is), screw your yoyo together tight and then unscrew it and the bearing should be on the other half the yoyo with the string under it. pull the string and the bearing should come out!

“The word ‘natural’ is completely meaningless! Everything is natural! Nature includes everything! It’s not just trees and flowers! It’s everything! A chemical company’s toxic waste is completely natural! It’s part of the nature! We’re all part of nature! Everything is natural! Dog [poop] is natural! It’s just not real good food!” -George Carlin

“Ghetto” remedies*

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Love George Carlin! Miss that guy… :frowning:

Soy sauce huh? Interesting. I’ll have to try that one out.

just make sure you really dont leave any wet soy sauce in the bearing sitting. once taken out, clean and air it out, similar to cleaning in lighter fluid, you dont let any fluid sit inside. throw it a bit, get it spinning, profit.


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Orange citrus cleaners could work, but I think it’s important to note that skaters aren’t quite as concerned about leaving residue in their bearings after a cleaning. It’s not as if I care whether or not my skateboard bearings are “responsive” lol

Hmmm soy sause

Thats genious haru! >.<

Woohoo, if soy sauce works, then it’s really convenient for me. Im asian so I got soy sauce all over my house, I assume it’s the same for haru ;D

this is great right here, a lot of people dont know it but the atoms we are made of, are atoms that were in stars, other planets, rocks etc… The universe is an intense thing!

On to the topic, i have used a vaccuum cleaner to clean my bearing… I kno it sounds crazy but it does the same thing SkyHighYo mentioned about the compressed air, but in reverse hahahaa. I just took some pliers to hold the bearing tight, turned the vacuum on and put it up to the hose for a couple minutes. I didnt have any zippo fuel, so thats what i did. It doesn’t get it clean cleann but if you got gunk in there and your bearings runnin loud it’ll quiet her down🍍

Yes they do. I got my friend who’s a skater to start using YYJ lube in his bearings and he loves it lol

7-up is made from natural ingredients. Check it!

I also have a lot of soy sauce, it’s like Chinese ketchup.

Haru, I thought you said you’ve never cleaned your bearings?

And noonar… why the need for two pictures in your sig?

I run all my bearings stock, just a drop of thin lube, but for experimental sake, I dont mind toying with these remedies I hear about.

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No worries bobby. Always happy to hear your advice.

Hey Haru, you think that soy sauce would work well as a cleaner period, or only on new bearings?