Nationals Vids

Can you somebody post the videos of the National Yoyo Contest players. I would like all the winners (Gentry Stein, Joseph Harris, Alex Hattori, Ian Johnson, and Jake Elliot) and HOT.

Post the vids here.

or you can just go on youtube like the rest of us? why do we need to post them…?

Because some of us (myself is one) lack the privilege to go onto to YouTube.

Can somebody please just post some videos here? I am not asking much.

Posting the vids here would just be links to YouTube which you then wouldn’t be able to play (if YouTube is blocked)

Go to the duncan YouTube channel they are there along with slow mo edits and a few other fun things.

I wish I could link you to all the videos but I’m on the phone and it’s a pain to do it.