Nationals Hotel?

Is there a hotel that most yoyoers stay in?

The Holiday Inn is the official hotel… that’s where everybody will end up hanging out.


Which are you talking about? The only one I know is the one next to Denny’s, and a doctor place.

Sometimes I actually don’t know whether you guys are just kidding or actually not too bright, lol?

My Grandkids(6 year olds) can find stuff so fast using search engines, they seldom even ask questions.

Here is a quick tip… Just Google ‘National yoyo contest 2013’

The very first hit will be>

Then click on accommodations at the Top, and you will ge this>>

The Holiday inn info will be there.

Ok, now the bad news.  The block of rooms put aside at a Special Yoyo contest rate, are already sold out. I am not saying nobody is gonna cancel, but I just talked to the Service Desk guy and he said his computer says yoyo rooms booked…

Now the good news is that the guy I talked to is ‘Not’ the person in charge of the Contest block of rooms. That person(girl) is Jamie.

Jamie works day shift and it is possible, actually probable, that she may have more accurate information.

Not only about discounted Contest room rates, but availability of ‘Any rooms at any rate on that particular weekend’.

So, if any of you guys were thinking of staying at the Holiday Inn, in the First week of October, I would suggest you call tomorrow.  Or just start checking out rooms available at other hotels in the Downtown Chico area.

Also, right across the street from the Holiday Inn is a Best Western.

Just realize something; Chico is an ‘Event’ kinda town. Sometimes there are 2, 3 or 4 various events going on the same weekend as Nats. Starting tomorrow, every day you put off trying to lock in a room somewhere, you better your chance at ‘FINDING NOTHING, NOWHERE TO STAY’.

There are several reasonably decent places to stay. And honestly, you won’t be spending much time in your rooms anyways

And also realize that if you make it to the Contest, no matter where you stay, if you are not at the Park or the BirdinHand or Denny’s, you will end up in Front of the Holiday Inn Anyway.

Good luck


And quote,

The forum experts and mods are the ones who give the asker an answer instead of saying “look it up.”

I think most people should stop being lazy. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve seen people stalled waiting for information when a super-fast and super-easy search via most popular search engines would have given them the exact results they wanted and needed with a pretty much non-existent wait time.

Regardless of whatever hotel one chooses to stay at, please use one of the various map engines and see where you are staying and then see where the contest is and determine if you feel like walking that distance. Parking can suck on that day, so for some people, the closer the better. For me, I don’t mind a bit of a walk(say, about a mile and a half if I have to). It’s not so bad getting there. It’s the walk back when you’re tired and ready to leave that sucks.

I would say that if you have not already made a reservation at this point, you will probably have a hard time finding a room.

The weekend of Nationals coincides with “Parents Day” at Chio State University.
In other words, it’s going to be a very crowded weekend in Chico.

I ran into this last year.

I was just asking which he was talking about! I live in Chico, im not google-ing anything.

Obviously, living ‘in’ Chico does little to automatically keep you ‘up’ on pertinent information, lol

I live 500 miles away and I’m putting up information that you should be telling me.

The fact that you pretty much seem to average 11 posts a day, almost 1200 times in the last 4 months, yet you’re asking questions about a town you live in, but you aren’t ‘googling anything’.

Ok, Chief.

…and more Amazing yet, BCmaddog was Quick to point out that ‘a Mod or a Forum Expert’ would answer your question differently than I did.

Most interesting to me that even though m-dog lives on the Internet and has posted on this Board, alone, over 4000 times in the past year, he failed to recognize that I ‘am not a Forum Expert or a Board Moderator’. So why should my form of answer, align with their Protocol?

I freely gave all you guys an Entire page of Free information that I spent the time researching and typing up. I didn’t need the info. I posted it up for ‘you’ ( you= anybody that might need it).

Instead of just smiling and thinking,’ Hey, cool, free accurate information’. Nah, too difficult to just appreciate free information.

Easier to one guy to tell me he’s not Googling anything and the other Genius telling me I should improve my question answering style.

Most interesting to me is that little m-dog wants to lecture me on how Mods or Forum Experts use better methods to answer questions, Yet, No Mod or Forum Expert jumped into the thread to ‘Answer’ the question, lol.

I’d agree with Studio42s’ response. Root of problem= too lazy to do own research…

Little maddog, why don’t you get back at Studio and scold him about the way he responded in this post?

Shouldn’t you give him some Free posting etiquette, like you give me?

Maddog= all Bark and No Bright… Uh, I mean no Bite, haha

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Darned right I wasn’t about to answer the question… people can do their own Googling! I was amazed YoyoDoc took the time to answer it in a way that went well above and beyond what an “mod or eXpert” would do… so he really DIDN’T answer it in a way one of those types would.

I think the best part is that studio is an Expert :stuck_out_tongue:

But to get back on topic I bet you could ask around and find a floor to sleep on

I also may be wrong but I believe there’s a motel 8 across the street that has fairly cheap rates