National yoyo League problem

(Erik Kerber ) #1

I’ve been trying to register to the NAtional yoyo league so I can compete at MWR so I bought the mebership on tuesday nd it charged it to my moms Paypal and I got an Email saying it wanted me to confirm my email by clicking the link and I keep getting a thing saing there doing maintanence on the site., is there another way I can comfrim my eamil so I know that it actually worked


Molecular transporter. If you don’t have one, you could just try the telephone but it’s just not as cool.

(Steve Brown) #3

If you email us at, we can help you.

(angryskills) #4

does anyone know when yoyocontest will be back online?

(Steve Brown) #5

If you read the text on the “Under Construction” page, you’ll notice that everything that was online at is here while we rebuild the site: