VA state yoyo contest

Whose going?

I am

Ps if you search topics theirs one that has all of the info on this you will need

il go if i can figure out how to register

They haven’t sent registration forms yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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but will we eventualy register online, or at the place?

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I’m going super excited it will be my first Yoyo competition!

Typically in past years I believe we have done all registration at the contest.
It will be exciting to see new and old faces at the contest

And me a new face!

same here! Are you doing freestyle or ladder?

We should totally get each others names so we know each other when we’re up.

both. and I might be doing 2a still pretty new at it. I might be doing if I feel I’m good enough by then.

Grrr I may not be going due to snow storm!