National YoYo Day Sales

Anyone know of any NYYD sales going on? I know YYE will have some, but what time are they starting? Will it be 12:01AM? I’m hoping to get a couple sweet deals tomorrow.

I hope someone overheard some details :slight_smile:

PM Andre. Or maybe he’ll reply.

Or just wait until tommorow to find out.

DUNCAN is having 40% OFF everything sale

where: online  at

Just got a metal Zero  what an awsome metal YO for 23$

YYE just said that when you buy $50 worth of tiems you get a $5 gift certificate.

Is this for US only or Canada as well?

Anyways, I picked 200$ worth of yos and went to checkout…no 40% even if I choose US. I just wanted to see what S&H would be…so I entered my postal code…YYE charged me about 13$…well Duncan…

…wait for it…

$749.85 for UPS express saver! Fedex Int’l Economy…$435.57

Also I dont think they are open Saturday (yoyo day)…but I will try to order again later…Would be nice to find out about the shipping glitch before the special is over.

Do you guys know if there is a promo code or something?

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions?

Hmmm, even the cheapest S&H to Cali for the same order is $70…

Well I guess I wont be buying anything for them. ??? :frowning:

shipping from yoyoexpert is 5 bucks for me. and 8 bucks for yoyonation. Naturally I’m shopping here. Later.

Keep it spinning™

But hes in Canada. So thats International Shipping, which is different.

i hope theres one a yoyojoes!

buy 50$ get 5bucks thats only 10%

where does it say this on YYE


I see it in the news

help if I would open my eyeszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What about Toys R’ Us?

dude!!! the online stores are doin it TOO right becuase i wanna get a takashi fhz

Well I made an order for $400 at a different site than Duncan…total S&H…$23…I went with the 2 day for $28.

YYE is very reasonable as well.

I dont know whats up with Duncan…$400-700. haha. Maybe they have a guy riding a horse up here to hand deliver it. /shrug.

Cant wait for my xxxxl!