Nate Sutter coincidence.


I was reading the Candy Shop War 2 and I realized the main characters name was Nathan Sutter! Cool right?


Yeah!!! That’s so funny
What a coincidence!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I it a good book? I might read it?


Great book. Really original concept. Read the first book first.


Eh, Brandon Mull’s books can be patronizing at times, as is the case with most books geared towards children in grade school. Not to say I don’t enjoy his books, as I will read his other series, Beyonders, occasionally. I’m for the most part occupied reading the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Man you know there can only be one Nate !! Ask anyone in the Big Easy !!! I saw him at Worlds for the first time in a while he is still styling to the nines !


Well great news! I am in grade school! But pretty young, 5th grade


I agree. I stopped ready his books, but Candy Shop War was my favorite book of his so I had to read the sequel. I feel that the Candy Shop War should have not had a sequel…would be best standing alone. I feel it sorta tainted the novel that I loved…And now it looks like there will be a third…Oh well…


Yep. He was my favorite author years ago, but now he is just, meh.