nana's house!

I yo-yo’d at my nana’s house!

The beginning shot was hilarious!

Woah, the first time in the washing machine room looks so much like my Grandmothers house.

Nice vid! ;D

Lol and I bet your nana was happy you were there.

loved it! Great yoyoing and it was funny. (You should probably know, you’re in my top three favorite yoyoers, and one of those is Jensen.


I’m gonna have to make a copy video when I go to my nana’s house in TX when I visit.

Awesome video Graeme.

Your nana looked pretty happy. ;D

awesome graeme :slight_smile:

Oh, and Graeme, any idea when that signature colorway on the Cascade is gonna come out?

First off…I have a huge crush on you ( had to admit it to you)
I liked your video, it had a “homey” feel. But I loved it! Also,what song did you use?

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Jeez! Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate all of your comments.