Name my Leopard Gecko!

So I just purchased a Leopard gecko and need some naming help.
I want to make sure he gets a really good name because well, I want him to have a good name, and because these little guys live upwards of 22 years…

A little about what I’ve noticed about him from hanging out with him for the past couple hours:
Hes a very curious little guy who is not afraid to explore
He is very ambitious.
He is a bit shy at first but really warms up to you.
He is chill but don’t mistake that for being sluggish when exited.
He will hang out on your shirt or arm. (right now he is watching me type this on my shoulder)

Pics - Edited in Vsco

It looks like he has a good personality. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I don’t have a name for you. My bearded dragon is named Mr. Lizard and some people call him Mr. Wizard. I’m no good with names.



Blazing Dragon

He looks like a Steve… :wink:

Name him Steve


As in “You’re a lizard, Larry”


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How about, Doctor Cornelius Bumgartner Muller III

Richard Grecko…

Morgan Freeman.

Name him Draupnir and then tell people that you have a draupnir and he’s running around.

Blues brothers! It a great sounding name but also the characters fun


Aren’t I phenomenal at naming things?

Name him geico!

Stan lee

I’m serious about “Steve” though. :smiley:

I vote Morgan Freeman again… Cause he has spots.

Or Elwood cause that is a cool a$$ name.

Genki. Why not? It means good in Japanese.

No jk
Exciton knight
Tell yugioh players that you have an exciton knight