Mystery yo-yo

Hello, I’ve been coming to the yo-yo museum for some time and find it a valuable source of information. I started playing with Duncan yo-yos back in the 50s. I even came in 3rd in a Duncan sponsored contest! Of course, there were only four participants and it was a tie for 3rd place,so…

Anyway, I have a question for the forum. I recently picked up a Genuine Goody Filipino Twirler I’m told is from the 1940s, but that’s the extent of what I know about it.

I’m wondering if anyone here can fill in the blanks for me.

Any info will be appreciated.




@YOHANS might be able to provide some info about it.

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According to Lucky’s Collectors Guide it’s from the 50s or 60s. Goody was just using the term “Filipino Twirler” interchangeably with yoyo. Here’s the entry for it:

(Big G), paint seal, wood, tournament shape, three-piece, nylon pegged string, '50s and '60s

Big “G” refers to the large “G” on the seal that is shared by both the words “Genuine” and “Goody”


WOW! That was quick! Thanks for the info.


Some more info on Goody while I’m at it. Straight from the book.

“The New York based Goody Manufacturing Company, like Royal, was a pre and post-war competitor to Duncan. Goody, unlike Royal, did not use the word ‘yo-yo’ on their toys, but called them ‘Filipino Twirlers.’ However, they did use the term ‘yo-yos’ in some advertising literature. In 1958, Duncan wrote Goody a letter of protest which was largely ignored. Goody was a promoted line and did employ professional demonstrators. Goody, like many small yoyo companies, shadowed the much larger Duncan and Cheerio campaigns.”


Happy to help! I bought the book, I might as well use it lol.

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Haha! That made me laugh! :rofl:


Glad to hear it! And welcome to the forums. Everyone is nice and helpful so feel free to ask any questions!


Huge welcome from Pennsylvania. What yoyos are you throwing around these days?


Anything that has a string :grin:

I usually pick up a vintage Imperial or Mardi Gras. But lately I’ve been fooling around with a couple of old Satelites - one that whistles and one that doesn’t.