Mystery Box - Winter 2018 - YoYoFactory x YoYoExpert


It’s our favorite time of the year. Mystery, fun, and exciting new releases! What is the YoYoFactory x YoYoExpert Mystery Box?! It all started out years ago as a fun way to give people a great deal on fun YoYoFactory products. Over time it evolved and we were able to not only give great deals on products but develop completely new releases, signature models, special editions, cases, bonus extras & more. Last year the Buyers Club was launched with multiple boxes available staggered throughout the year and each box has continued to push us to keep things new & exciting… And we are READY to kick it into high gear for winter 2018 with a main Mystery box and TWO special ‘Value’ Box Options!

Tell me more about the Mystery Box Release?!
Thursday night at 8PM EST the boxes go live with three killer options:

  • Main Mystery Box Release featuring TWO NEW Releases plus extras!
  • Special Value ‘Mystery Bag’
  • Special Value ‘MEGA Mystery Box’!

More details coming Wednesday including price! For now let the great countdown begin!


If I bought the last box but didn’t preorder this one, will I still have a chance to buy it before its released to the public?

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I will not be satisfied unless ANDRE BOULAY HIMSELF is included in the MEGA BOX :ok_hand:


First the Hummingbird came out, then this! I can hardly even stand it! :exploding_head:

No separate release for mystery box members on this one, that’s what the pre-order was for. There will just be one public release time. Don’t worry though, there should be plenty to go around!


What will be the general differences between the box and the bag? and then the mega?

So what will be included for those who preordered? Just the Mystery Box and not the Value options?
Are the Special Value options like add-ons that are bought separately?

@tylerksav The standard mystery box will be your average run of the mill mystery in a box, the bag option is like the same amount of mystery but in a bag, and the mega option is way more mystery and more expensive.

@Dalex The pre-order is for the standard mystery box. Any other box would have to be purchased separately.

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Sorry for any confusion! All pre-orders were for the standard “Winter Mystery Box” - it features exclusive products (and bonus items for people who did pre-order).

The Bag and Mega Box are separate special ‘value’ options - and are previously released products that do not overlap with each other or the main Mystery Box (just another fun release/opportunity to score a great deal). We will be posting more later today. :blush:

Any questions (especially if you pre-ordered) feel free to send us an email directly via and we will definitely help you out. :+1:


I think the important thing to note is “no overlap”. That’s incredible.


Thanks for the clarification! I’m really excited!

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Can’t wait to see the unboxing videos and decide if I’ll ever pre-order again or just wait for all this options to come out.

I miss read the title, I thought it said Mystery Box winner. I was about to say what? I didn’t know about any Mystery Box giveaway!?


In this case, we are all the winners


I did (and keep redoing lol) the same thing!


Is the mega box a complete separate item or an add on? In other words do I have to buy the standard box to buy the bag or mega box?


Separate option (not an add on). No requirement to buy one to buy the other.


what are you guys thinking, bag or box? what could the new releases possibly be, or does no one have any clue lol

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Do you anticipate the mystery boxes shipping on time? 5 buisness days? Leaving current location next thursday and not sure where to send it to

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Shipping Friday! :+1: