Myrtle Beach Yoyo Club?

Hey y’all, I’m out in garden city beach, sc for a month or so, and I’m just wondering if there is any yoyo gathering of sorts in the area. I would be willing to drive as far out as 40ish miles.

Holla at me.

I think throwers in SC are pretty scarce.

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That kinda stinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a toy store at Broadway at the Beach (North Myrtle Beach) that sells YYJxYomega Firestorms though. :smiley:

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looks like this comes up occasionally. anyone in the northern SC area. I end up in Conway SC every few months to visit family and would love to meet anyone local to the area. I expect I’ll be down there near early July next and again mid fall.

would love to coordinate my visits with some yoyo folks if they are around the area.

I posted recently looking for the same as a resident of Charleston. It’s not looking good for sc :confused: Looks like the club we did have is no more and i can’t find any other recent yoyo related activity