My Yoyo Tiers

I saw Gingie’s Tier list and wanted to make my own.

I made 4 different tier lists: Subjective, Performance, smoothness, and Binds.

Subjective: This is all based on opinion. The yoyos that I like are at the top, and the ones that I don’t like as much are at the bottom. My S tier yoyo are those that I have used and loved for so long that there is an added nostalgia factor for me. A tier yoyos are those that I believe could someday be moved to the S tier. Man, I love yoyos!

S Alter Ego, Recognition, Torino
A Culprit, The Don, New Mirage, 6061 Galaxy Diver, Tenma, Copperhead, Light, Mist, Icaria, Moebius, Ray Hai Ia, Pound, Sine//Saw, 7075 icarus, Cent, T1 20/20, Falcon, Flank
B Free Solo, Ethereal, Samurai, Journey, Mercy 3, conspiracy, kuntosh 5000 qv, banshee 7068, re master galaxy, Re pinecone, Antidote, Kenshin, Puff Adder, Propolis, AhL Titanium, Aceyo Long, Evangelion, decoy, Siege, Hatchet 2, Musket, Null, Rail Gun, Zen 3, Beat, Tropic Alien, Spark, Mercy 4 7075
C Krown fingerspin, Time Jacker, Saint, Hypocrisy SE, New Bread
D Silenus, Metalhead, 7068 Eztrick, Eragon, Skyva
F Freehand Nextgen, Gan Gan

Performance: My main criteria for performance yoyos are spin time, catchability, maneuverability, and control.

S Recognition, 6061 Galaxy Diver, Tenma, Moebius, Mercy 4 7075
A Alter Ego, New Mirage, Copperhead, Icaria, Pound, Cent, Ethereal, Journey, Mercy 3, Null, Time Jacker, Silenus
B Culprit, The Don, Light, Mist, Ray Hai Ia, 7075 icarus, T1 20/20, Flank, Free Solo, Samurai, Conspiracy, Kuntosh 5000 QV, Banshee 7068, re master galaxy, Kenshin, Puff Adder, AHL Titanium, Aceyo Long, Evangelion, Siege, hatchet 2, Musket, Rail Gun, Krown Fingerspin, Saint, Hypocrisy SE, Eragon
C Sine//Saw, Decoy, Zen 3, Tropic Alien, Spark, 7068 EZtrick, Torino
D Re pinecone, antidote, Propolis, Beat, New Breed, Metalhead, Falcon
F Skyva, Freehand Nextgen, Gan Gan

Smoothness: I understand that this varies from yoyo to yoyo, but here are my yoyos ranked according to smoothness.

S 6061 Galaxy Diver, Alter Ego, Pound, Cent, Ethereal, Culprit, Mist, Flank, re master galaxy, Puff Adder, Krown Fingerspin, Torino, Metal head, Falcon
A Tenma, Moebius, Copperhead, Icaria, Journey, Mercy 3, Silenus, T1 20/20, Free Solo, Samurai, Conspiracy, Banshee 7068, Kenshin, Siege, Hatchet 2, Musket, Rail Gun
B Recognition, New Mirage, Null, Time Jacker, The don, Light, Ray Hai Ia, 7075 Icarus, Kutosh 5000 QV, Evangelion, Saint, Hypocrisy SE, Decoy, Zen 3, Tropic Alien, 7068, EZtrick, Re Pinecone, Propolis, Beat, Skyva
C AHL Titanium, Eragon, Spark, Antidote, new Breed
D Aceyo Long, Sine Saw
F Freehand Next Gen, Gan Gan

Binds: I am not a fan of snagging at all. I also am not the most skilled when it comes to fancy binds. It is likely that I favor yoyos with a little less tight binds. Keep that in mind when going through my list.

S 6061 Galaxy Diver, Culprit, Copperhead, Silenus, Recognition, The don
A Cent, Ethereal, re master galaxy, Tenma, Icaria, Journey, Mercy 3, T1 20/20, Free Solo, Samurai, Conspiracy, Banshee 7068, Kenshin, Null,
B Rail Gun, Alter Ego, Pound, Mist, Flank, Puff Adder, Moebius, Metal head, Siege, New Mirage, Time Jacker, Light, Ray Hai Ia, 7075 Icarus, Kuntosh 5000 QV, Hypocrisy SE, Decoy, Tropic Alien, Propolis, Beat, Spark, Antidote, Aceyo Long
C Zen 3, Krown Fingerspin, Torino, Falcon, Hatchet 2, Musket, Evangelion, AHL Titanium, new Breed, 7068 EZtrick, Skyva, Sine Saw,
D Re Pinecone, Eragon, Freehand Next Gen
F Gan Gan

I understand that there may be some unpopular opinions on these tier lists. I am open to discussion, but please be aware that my opinion likely will not be changed based on conversation. You may find a kindred spirit who agrees with your disagreement of my lists and that is totally cool. I did this for fun and encourage others to do so as well in the comments if they would like.


I’ve seen some tier lists on reddit and now a few here. I get the A-F grading like school, or food, but why is “S” used for the top instead of A+ (like in school) or AAA (like food)? Does it stand for anything? Does this convention come from reddit or somewhere else? If you can’t explain, that’s ok too. Not sure I can explain why I care to know. :slight_smile:


Brought to the west via Japanese videogames using Japanese school grading labels.


I’ve wondered that myself too. Haha

So…S? Is that like “perfect”?

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Interesting tier list I like that you ranked them based on different metrics.

I made a tier list a bit ago just for my own enjoyment of what I mostly like in yoyos, and I sort of struggled because there’s some yoyos I really like that I just don’t think really make a lot of sense for me to use regularly for how I throw (high walled organics), or have some real performance quirks/drawbacks (such as being plastic), and I just couldn’t rate those yoyos very highly even though I do like them quite a bit.

I think the End Pt. 2 is an S tier highwall organic… but I could never main one for my general style of play.

I’d say this is my “subjective” version of your tier list.

For the sake of not starting arguments I will not share anything in my D and F tier (unless you DM me)

Really fun thing to do though if you ever want to sit down and think about all the yoyos you’ve gotten to try, I’d recommend other people give it a shot too.


I think so? What does the S stand for? Super?

I also love my recognition.

I personally read them as any combination of Devil May Cry rankings lol


I’ve been wanting to make a tier list for yeeaarrsss now but it’s just too many throws to rank and I ain’t got time for that lmao

Interesting, you have Galaxy Diver in S in every category except Subjective. What’s keeping it from that tier in Subjective?

Yeah, I’ve seen it in video games. The only one I can remember seeing it for sure is Dance Dance Revolution, where the only way to get an S rating on a song is to hit every step ‘perfectly’. There’s several windows of time measured in fractions of a second where if you hit the button within a wider window, you get ‘good’ and if you’re more precise you get ‘perfect’.

To me, it means superior level of precision. If it were a math test and an A is getting every answer correct, S is means when you ‘showed your work’ you didn’t make any mistakes that you caught and corrected yourself before finishing the test. Or maybe your handwriting was the neatest in the class, or something like that, above and beyond just getting every answer correct.

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For me it is the nostalgia factor. I haven’t had the yoyo long enough for it to truly cement itself as one of my favorite yoyos of all time.

Got it. Thanks

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