My yoyo tick i made up, 1st vid.


Hello, ive been yoyoing for about 2 months now and this is a yoyo trick i made up, i call it ‘‘Saint Fatha’’. Its like a mix between a double/nothing, and sidways wormhole. with stuff inbetween, I can do the trick alot faster but if i did you wouldnt be able to see the trick because of the bad framerate from the cam. Well hope you like it :slight_smile:

yoyo-dv888 w/Ceramic kk bearing.


Nice. :smiley: I have never been good at making up tricks but that was good. Espeicaly for only 2 months of yoyoing :wink:


Cool! :slight_smile:


(Preston Huft) #5

Dang… that’s good for two months.