My Yo-yo

(rewand0) #1

Went out on a nice day to take some pictures of my G5. Didn’t photoshop any just used efftecs on my camera.

(Raphael) #2

I really liked the second one. :slight_smile:



Great pictures!


Awsome pics!

Great lighting.

(Mitch Ginder) #5

Your silicon is really rough looking =o

nice pictures though

(Johnny T) #6

True that. Nice pictures though. :slight_smile:


Very artistic, and creative! Way to go!

If I were you, I’d hang the Yo-Yo off the flag. Not being mean to America, but have the slipknot off the tip, and have it hanging. :slight_smile:


Awesome pictures!!! Here is some of my Speeder; it is also a good day here in Easley, SC(The first one is horrible):