My whole collection FS/FT Feat. Iyoyo Cascade Summit Kendamas to trade too


All for sale and trade. Also looking for Kendamas so message me if you have any
Top row: Cascade(gone) Summit Downbeat Iyoyo Steel
2nd row: Cypher(gone) Dropbear Quaser Horizon
3rd row: Quake Nessy Carlosh Momentum
4th row: Raptor Modded Artifact
Accelerator not in the picture yellow with red splash(gone)
Cascade with a Rasta splash


All for trade
From left to right
Sweets attack black cherry tama
Rasta silk tribute tama on Alex smith v4 ken
Kendama usa classic
Duncan venom
Alex smith pro mod tama on black f3 stained ken
Sweets f3 red stain
Sweets f3 red tama on an ozora ken
Also I have a Sweets Homegrown Maple Walnut stripe not in the picture


Will you trade the Summit for a Dogma?


Okay well what you trade for a Super G and G5 together

(InvaderDust) #27

What price do you have for the Downbeat?


What would you trade for a One drop Benchmark 2013 “H” profile with the horsehead colorway. It has a couple dings due to a friend walking by me and the string getting caught and breaking. Still plays amazing. It is my go to throw. I love it but I am trying to expand my yoyo horizons lol. No pun intended. The only stipulation is it has to be a 1a yoyo lol. I am looking for something a little heavier and a good sized gap. If it binds to easy then it drives me crazy. im open to suggestions.

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