My trick tut

Tap Water

Thx now i know black triangle :smiley:

Cool trick you made up their! Thanks, now I can do that trick! :slight_smile:

its funny cuz i messed up doing this and got into a rain. its a sidways effeil tower. its pretty cool but yeah i got your tick down too.

Cool trick!

How old are you xP

14 u?

You’re a little young to be on chatting with old people. Haha.

Okay chatrulette is not a site we should be talking about on a yoyo forum.I dont think andre would be happy to see you talking about this but i mean i could be wrong but more than likely he wouldnt.So can we keep that stuff between pms or just get rid of it all in one

Yeah, due to the majority of the population are minors, i’ll edit out my posts.

u missed one. haha