My Strix bearing...

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My Strix bearing is making weird noises. I just got it 4 days ago. I noticed this when learning Kwyjibo. During the hops it makes a light skateboard grind sound. (That’s probably exaggerated) I know it uses a konkave. Is this normal? If not what should I do? I thought about lubing it but I can’t get it to come apart. It would be my first time taking it apart.


It might just be the bearing breaking in.


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What does that mean?


It means that if you play with your yo-yo too much, soon, the bearing will be broken.


LOL I dunno if you’re serious, but for the sake of the OP, it means that the Bearing needs to be played a bit more. Imagine maybe a Baseball glove if you will. In the beginning, its stiff and uncomfortable. But, as you use it more, it becomes looser and much more adaptable, resulting in increased comfortability. Same with the bearing, play with it for a week, then it should smoothen out.

If you can’t open it, grab rubber gloves for extra grip. That should do the trick.

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@YoYoJordan My bearing has been quiet and smooth until yesterday. Is that really normal? Also thanks for the tip about the rubber gloves.


Perfectly normal. But if you prefer the silence, take a pin and put a small drip of lube into the bearing; you don’t even have to deshield it.


It’s normal. The bearing probably came stock with some lube on it. With play the lube breaks down and the bearing starts to screech.

Adding lube should stop the noise, but make sure to add only a tiny bit as too much will make it responsive.

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Thanks everyone. Strix is back in action.