my string tear ........

well now i have a yoyo but no string… and i live in a place which a sheepment from your site cost
20$ so well im sure i hav the string i need in my country but i dont know what its name or from where can i get it…

please help!

(am i the only guy in this web that from israel??)

You might be alone there =( If nobody responds to this post, you might try seeing where the closest Spinworkx store is. If not, you can check out this post,2836.0.html and make some of your own string =)

lol i thought that spinworkx was only in Singapore? I can’t find any other spinworkx’s on their website ???

But ape is right, make your own strings! Its cheap, and can even be fun ;D

I was actually just guessing because I knew Spinworkx was in Europe or Asia or something like that =P


well it looks very hard to make… and i need to use a hook and drills and thats looks very very hard… you have any more suggestion?

Yes, Israel lies in Asia. The Middle-East to be more specific. But you have to remember that Asia is really big, so Spinworkx is not that closer to Israel than Yoyoexpert is.

You can use a pen to spin the string. It takes really long time though. But next time you are buying a yoyo, remember to get atleast one hundred-pack of strings. You have those two choices; buy or make.

well i wanted to buy but if you look on the shop on this web site you see that ther are no strings left… all out of order…

String restocked yesterday. I got myself some of the purple.

not to be mean to this site or anything but you can get a pack of 100 strings and a shipping cost of $5 around the world in this site…but i prefer buying it here still and if im not wrong andre said you can ship international using prioty mail which cost $5 andapproximately takes 6-9 days for my cousin…

Hope i help!and please dont kill me for posting a different yoyo website here just trying to help!

:-* :-* :-*

Theyostore probably ships with first-class airmail. This can take 2-6 weeks before arrival depending on the time it spends at the customs. A lot of retailers do not use this shipping method because there is a risk of lost packages and retailers do not want to replace lost items. The cheapest method which is safe at the same time, is priority mail flat-rate small box. This is 13 dollars, but the box is not that big, so you can’t fit big orders in this box. Regular priority mail international is 20 dollars for anything under one pound (weight).

Addment: I tried asking about this once. And it was said that flat-rate would require more of shipping calculation because volume has to be taken in account. Still, some stores give the option of flat-rate shipping.

id either get really bad shpping and wait or get a big order worth the shipping so you dont have to getaontehr for REALLY long time. ohh and im going to israel for teh summer for my sis’ batmizvah for like 3 weeks, should be a blast maby we’ll see you not that big of a place lol

Things would be easiest just making your own strings. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I dont think “…but” was supposed to be part of your link lol :stuck_out_tongue: