My story and progress with throwing - Mike

So, this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down… just kidding lol.

Anywho, I thought about making this topic all day, i dont know why. I just feel like sharing.

So it all started around when I was about 10 or 11 or so. I got YYF fast 201 yoyo, and you know what? I loved it. I saw it on TV about how it was adjustable for responsive or unresponsive play. I played the heck out of that thing. I didn’t really do any tricks with it and such but i loved it. I was a kid, I lost it, I got another when I was 13, I lost it. Got another one when I was 15. I then started doing some amateur tricks like the round the world and rock the cradle and trapeze and such. Then, I decided I really wanted to get into it, and wanted to upgrade. I ended up selling my egyptian god cards, if anyone remembers what those are, for a DV888 yoyo. I got to the level to where i am at today, and i would like to say beginner/intermediate. Thinks like mach 5, buddhas revenge, split the atom, etc. I unfortunately had to sell it last year due to a sticky financial situation. I got 30 Bucks for it, but hey, every bit counts. So now, here i am, yoyoless, but NOT for long. I got a good deal of money from a total loss i had, and after i get my new car inspected, any leftover money is going to me and my fiance. I have a one drop Code 1 in my cart along with 100 blueprint poly strings. I am very excited to get back into yoyoing and learning even more advanced tricks.

On a side note, I love paul dang. LOL.

So yeah, Thats my story, feel free to share yours. :slight_smile:

We all do. It’s pretty much a prerequisite to being a yoyoer.  ;D

Thanks for sharing your story man, glad to hear that you’ve finally been able to get to a place where you can pick up yoyoing again. The Code 1 is a great choice and should serve you well for many years to come. :slight_smile:

I, like yourself, was very much off-and-on when it came to yoyoing. You can read a concised outline of my yoyo journey here if you’re interested (it’ll save me having to type it all out here.):

It feels great to be back into it properly though, I finally feel like it’s a solid part of my life. I don’t know if I could give it up at this point, even if I wanted to.

Welcome back to the wonderful world of yoyos Mike.  :slight_smile:

thanks buddy! And I’ve seen that video of the yoyo god too before, it was intense.

Once upon a time I was cleaning my room when I stumbled upon a magical painting that was a portal to Narnia.
On a completely unrelated note, I also happened to find my Yomega Firestorm from back when I was in gradeschool and, seeing as how being distracted by fun stuf is always waaaaay better than cleaning, started throwing with what I had and looking up videos of yoyo contests instead of finishing my chores :stuck_out_tongue:
Been yoyoing more seriously since then. It’s gotten me through the boredom of the higher education system and what we in the real world like to call Reality.

Code 1 is such a good yoyo. It’ll be the only yoyo you “need”, though if you find yourself flush with cash you’ll no doubt buy more. Haha! But seriously, Code 1 is so good.

Sam, do you still have just that yoyo or did you get another?

Greg, Thanks for telling me that. I’m very excited about it and am glad I made a good choice :slight_smile:

I haven’t meet a onedrop yoyo I didn’t like

Yeah something drew me to one drop. I heard a lot about them like 4 years ago so I decided I wanted to give them a try.

Still have it, though it’s been overcranked a time too many by the kids at my work. I get to bring my throws in for them to play with/practice on/totally destroy. Luckily only a few plastic ones have been broken or stolen in the past few years :slight_smile:

Oh. Cool deal. I don’t have anything.