My senior project


Hey Yoyoexpert! I mostly don’t post, but I am very active on the forums. I’m here because I need all of your help. I am a senior in High school and in order to pass, I have to do a senior project. Naturally, I chose to do something involved with yoyos because it is a very bog passion of mine. The project consists of two major parts: the written part and the physical product. For the physical product, I was going to create my own yoyo. i’m still working out the kinks such as how I will get it machined and someone to mentor me on working with metal. Hopefully I could contact Rebel yoyos because I heard they were based in my state.
Anyways, I am here to gather info for use in the written portion. My thesis revolves around documenting how the community (you guys) affects the physical design of a yoyo. I have already decided to talk about the 1996-7 era where transaxles and fixed axles were causing arguments within the community. It would be awesome if I could get interviews from some of the more grown up members here in this forum. Anyone can recite history off of old web pages, it’s much more meaningful if I can include the different opinions and ideas from people who were actually there. I remember reading some old posts from Steve Brown when he was my age about the uselessness of trans-axles. Any kind of help about this topic would come such a long way into making my project a success. Since pro yoyoing is at its peak right now, there is more opinions and styles changing the sport than ever before. Even now, I’m seeing a growth of wide yoyo designs.
I’m gonna stop rambling before I get annoying, so If you think you can help me, please don’t hesitate to send me a PM. The more opinions from the era of fixed axles, the better. Also, if you have any knowledge in yoyo design, I could really use your help. :slight_smile:

Amyways, thanks, I know I won’t be let down :smiley:


Well while on the topic of how we effect it think the code 1 and code 2 and code 3. The code 1 ad 2 are yoyos that we got to vote on specs and they did an average while the code 3 is where we submit a section for a trick and pit them all together to make one long one. Also I did a project that was a year long one last year that was our final score in language arts. I of course did yoyos as well. I learned that the yoyo was used as entertainment for divine rulers and people circa 500 bc. They were made of terra cotta back then and this is known because of pictures on hieroglyphs. If you want anything else I have a 80 page binder from the project and got 250/250 so an a+.


Contact Steve Brown on the other board, he has been here for a while, and I know for sure that he was involved in the transaxle vs fixed axle dispute.