My one year video!

Two goals I have are to be faster and be better at horizontal.

Please comment!

Thanks all!

Brandon Merrill

EDIT:I forgot to say that this is my first video with all original tricks.

Video blocked due to copyright :frowning:
*Edit: Stupid Iphone … yeah it’s works on a pc but not my iphone

That being said… that rocks for a year. I’m at 1 year… and well… your better.

Works fine for me.

Good video btw!

Where did you film this?

0:44 to 1:00 was a great view. I love the tricks. You should make some tutorials.

You sure you did not mean 2 years? :smiley: haha wow that was very good I really liked the advanced whips you did. I see you probably created most of your tricks which is awesome. Keep it up man.

A room in my house.

I would love to make tutorials. What tricks would you like me to do?

I either created the tricks or “discovered” them on my own.

Thanks everybody!


Nice stuff, dude! Pretty smooth and a lot of neat tricks!


Good job man! Liked how you added in different camera angles. Looking forward to seeing more tricks from you!

sick vid bro

Thanks all!

Wait, you used Alligator Sky by Owl City. I didn’t catch that the first time. That song is brilliant isn’t it. I also like Fireflies.

Yeah. It is a great song. Owl City is basically my favorite.

The second the music kicked in I knew I was in for a great video. What a tune. Owl City is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. ;D

Sensational video mate, great skills for a year, can’t wait to see how you improve over the next year. :slight_smile: