My Official BST

This is my BST and welcome,the rules are simple dont scam, dont back out of an agreed trade for sell and follow BST rules ok thanks ill start off with wants.
Want:super G
Fade One drops
crucial delrins
code 1

Throws: one drop M1:purple and orange couple nicks nothing major
Dv888 reshaped: VERY SMOOOOOOOTH AQUA near mint

         CLYW Pink with blue speakle Gnarwhal: two tiny pinpricks
         CLYW purple with pink acid wash fade wolly marmot mint


        BYE+ :D 3053334054

Hey dude since your new to the BST I’ll cut you some slack.
Your only suppose to bump once a day!

Thanks ! :wink:

I will trade you a skyline for your gnarwhal.

would you trade your dv888 for a dark magic 2?