My Ninja vanish.

When i do ninja vanish and i am about to dismount it comes back to me, what am i doing wrong

Like the strings getting too much friction and snagging?

i think

That’s probably what’s going on.

Try to land the yoyo on the lowest part of the slack. Try not to land it close to your hand and let it slide down or it could bind up on you. Make sure you’ve got good tension as well so your string isn’t curling up inside your yoyo.

It’s all about being smooth and precise.

Yeah, Speed Makers have small gaps that tend to snag with slack tricks. Keep your string tension in check, or try widening the gap a bit using shims.

im using a dv888 small bearing

small bearing yoyos tend to be a bit snaggy, but once you get the trick sown it’ll snag less because you’ll be doing it smoother

ok, so i have to land ninja vanish perfect?


Someone actually stole it from him.

He has like 30 yoyos already… why would he want a Speed Maker…

BTW, Brian, don’t worry, I’ll teach you Ninja Vanish smoothly when we meet.

i had that prblem to before with my dm make sure it striing doesnt snag and make jump straight