my newest video I LOVE TO YOYO

(202andrew) #1

here is my newest video. comments apreciated. hope you like it. ;D. enjoy.

(SR) #2

You are very good! Good video! You could be faster and more smooth next time though… overall I liked it.

(202andrew) #3

thanks. I will practice and will try to get more smoother and faster. but thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s nice! Liked watching your video! But I am gonna have to agree SR, things could be a little smoother. Just try not to pause during your tricks.

But yeah, great video!

P.S. Is that a Fool’s Gold or normal?


one more piece of constructive criticism is when you edit try not to leave so much time in between tricks


Step back farther from the camera.

(202andrew) #7

fools gold. and thanks I am glad that you like it and I will work on my tricks.