My new site!


I made a site for yoyoing, and for my yoyoing team! It is similar to this site with a learning section, forum board, and store, but kind of different. We don’t sell anything, but we tell you where to buy them for the best price and what colors are available. It was made today, so the store has only two items, but more is soon to come. Check it out at:


Looks like it will be pretty good after a little work. But i like it great job and how can you become a member of team impulse? Good luck with the site i hopes it becomes a famous as yye. Later and remember keep it spinning.


cool site mitchell hope you add more itmes to shop.


Can I be part of Team Impulse???Cool name Btw, lol.

Check out vids, here:

Can I make tutorials? In a while, I am gonna get a camera, and I will start making tuts anyway.

So am I good enough?


just wondering Samad how good are you? which level are you at here?


I don’t you can really judge how good someone is by what level they are, on here. I can do some advanced, some expert, and some master but i can’t do them all in every section. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I got everything through advanced part 1, but from then on, I just jumped around the scale.

Also, I know a bunch of tricks that arent from YYE, like slack GT, slack Dbl or Nothing, and many others :slight_smile:


hey very nice Michel… and all the best for championship.


For all who were asking about joining, please visit the site’s page called Meet the Team. Scroll down and you should see a form to submit your info.

NOTE: If you do NOT see a submit button, please try a different browser. Thanks.


do you have to have video’s?


Try to.


what if you are not allowed on youtube, let alone have an account on it?


Join vimeo

Its the exact same as YT, but after  uploading, it doesnt kill the quality.


^^ the only reason i’m not allowed on youtube (i think) is because of the virouses that can effect my dad’s computer, for Vimeo does that have virouses and what do you need to do to sign up?


As far as I know, YT doesn’t have any viruses, but Vimeo doesn’t either.


never mind, my friend got an account there so me and him are making a yo-yo video. we made one today it should be up soon then i’ll embed it here.

(DrSqueakers) #17

you are all so dumb, just get a Mac. they WILL NOT get viruses


Dude, I dont want to spend 1500 dollars for a mac, when I could just use someone elses YT channel


Well yes, Macs do occasionally get viruses and are even harder to get off.


check out the video I talked about under the Video section titeled Yo-Yo Video Me And My Friend Made.