My new desk display.

I was browsing the forums today and came across Jason Wong’s cigar box yoyo case. I was inspired to say the least. I immediately started calling around to find the materials to make one myself.

My first stop was the local cigar shop. I told them I was looking for some empty boxes, and they brought out at least 30 boxes for me to browse. I picked the 3 I thought had the most potential and brought them to the counter. The shop owner then said that the boxes were not for sale. He told me I could take which ever ones I liked, as long as I made a small donation to the local charity he supported. He suggested $5 for all 3 boxes. I then grabbed one of my favorite cigars off of the shelf (which was only $6), handed him a $20, and told him to keep the change. He was so grateful I couldn’t believe it. I have seen similar quality boxes for sale online for as much as $20 each, so the $14 dollars I gave him felt like a steal anyways. I suppose this was my good karma deposit for the day, which was about to pay out handsomely.

The next stop was The Foam Shop. I found it on google maps and was guessing it was a small store for craftsmen / hobby enthusiasts. When I arrived at their location, a Walmart sized warehouse stood looming in front of me. I opened the door and walked in to find a sea of large machinery, forklifts, and technicians working busily. Carrying my favorite cigar box, I weaved my way through the labyrinth in search of the office sector of the shop. The offices were full of people drafting various custom foam cases on their computers. I walked up to one of the employees and told him I was looking for a foam insert for the cigar box I was holding. He asked me how many I wanted, and when I said 1, the whole office chuckled and sighed. The man took my box in the back and told me to wait a few minutes. 4 minutes later, my cigar box was filled with a flawless and form fitting foam insert. He looked at me, shook my hand, and told me that this one was on the house. I was so dumb founded by their generosity that I must have thanked them a hundred times. Looks like that little donation payed off! :wink:

When I got home, I cut a few holes using a small tomato paste can, and voila!..
I am now the proud owner of a classy cigar box display case!
Here is the finished product.

Great story!
And that is one sharp looking display case. Really nice!

Awesome story, and incredible case!

I, too, stopped by a local cigar shop this past weekend. I’ll still be making a case out of it, but it’s not a particularly nice box. Perhaps I need to venture in to one of the other cigar shops in the city.

Holy crap, that is incredible! ;D

Do you live in Connecticut or were the cigars just from there? I’m just wondering since I live there

Connecticut on the box refers to the wrapper on the cigar. It’s a cigar thing.

It’s not from Connecticut.