cigar box yoyo case

i made this case from an old cigar box, a cabinet door handle, and poly foam. the second box is a work in progress.

Love it.
Looks very classy. But I think it could fit more than 4 though.
And just a suggestion; black foam would be epic.

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looks pretty nice. but yeah, there’s definitely some space wasted there. you could probably fit 9 comfortably. And black dye would really make it look great.

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i have the blak dye. maybe i will do it this weekend(i will post a pic) i sort of like just 4 spots though.i debated on 6 initially

Like it. I was just saying I need to make a smaller case because my other one’s too big.

I think you should just have one space, dead center. Epic.

I love that case. Nice Job :slight_smile: