My long throw with the Ricochet

I Know it’s not that hard to do a long throw, but I rarely ever try to do something like this.

That was incredibly long! How are you liking the Ricochet so far?

Cool Gorillaz poster by the way.

That’s like 3 times longer than one of my throws! :stuck_out_tongue: How does the Ricochet play? I love all the whips you did.

So far I enjoying it quite a bit. It’s got a nice hefty feel to it, which I love. Feels like a powerhouse with every throw!!

Gorillaz are the the best!! 8)

I love the suicide done at I think :30. Super cool trick and even better video

Wow, that was a long throw! Some very nice whips there, Sanchez.


Wow! That was very impressive and you tricks are dope…that whip at 11-14 seconds make a tutorial for it

Dude…your flow is mind blowing.

That’s amazing skill man! How long have you been playing?

Sounds lovely.

Guess it has good spin times cant wait to buy a sparked one on the bst :wink:

I think the insane length of that combo has more to do with his accuracy and form than it does with the yoyo.

This is true. I had to be a little more careful when doing these tricks so that I’d have enough spin to get through them all. Only took 3 tries :wink:

Dude…you are amazing! Digging the soul patch too!

I’ve been actively yoyoing for the last 3 years.

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That whip is one of my favorites. I’ll try and make a tutorial for it. It’s a string rejection that only works from a front throw.

very smooth, I like your style!