My Life, My Rules- 1a video By Zammy

New 1a video. Fresh ideas put out there before Worlds 2011.
Onedrop Dietz. Attitude. Punk Rock. May cause Siezures.

No one will stop me.



Great stuff Zammy!

Very nice, I love your so called “3d” tricks those are the bomb. Also just a warning DONT WATCH THIS VID IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY…sorry just had warn…ya never know… :stuck_out_tongue:

very fun to watch! gotta love unique styles!

amazingly awesome ;D

Not sure how I never saw this posted until now. Intense video… love some of the concepts in there!

…the heck did I just watch?

Mind; blown.

wowy great stuff

Bit late in replying, but thank you for watching this! Means alot!


Kyle: A lot of my videos go under radar. I’m underrated aha.