My first Yoyo video! Please watch!


It all started with kendama! About three weeks ago I acquired a yoyo and this is my first combo! It’s a Dv888, but I’m awaiting a space blizzard Fools Gold Avalanche at the moment! Feel free to check out my kendama videos while you’re at it!


Also, tell me what you think!


That’s awesome for 3 weeks!


Very nice. Gotta love that Pseudocide at the end.


Fantastic yoyoing for 3 weeks.

Would you happen to be a kendama crossover??


Call me stupid but… Kendama crossover, haha?

(Owen) #7

Look up “kendama USA video” and be amazed. A kendama crossover is a guy who yoyos and went over to the hobby of kendama or vice versa.


Then yes, I am! I’ve been playing kendama for about for years!