My first video

Ok just thought I’d share my first video, I know it’s not great or anything. I made it mostly for my dad who has been deployed in Egypt so that I could show him my new hobby. :slight_smile: Also to get a different viewpoint on my progress and improve. So constructive criticism is welcome, I know I’m a slow learner. :wink: I yo-yo purely for the fun of it.

I can’t get it to embed for some reason…

I remember when I yoyoed…yoyo’d…? when I played like that. Eventually you’ll reach a point when you can do almost any trick your first try, you just have to make it smoother. Some tips: Adjust your string tension. If the string is too tight or loose you’ll lose some spin time. Also if it’s extremely loose the yoyo might pop out of the string. Having good string tension is VERY important for slacks too. Learn to hand start the yoyo. Easiest way is snap start. It’s a lot faster than winding the yoyo up again. For boing-e-boing it’s easier if you do the first pull while the yoyo is on the back string, that way it launches it forward.
Btw, that’s one of my favorite songs.

i remember when i threw like that too…seems like yesterday…but thats probably bc it was yesterday :slight_smile: the biggest mistake i made was trying to learn too many tricks at once. I think the best way to approach it is to learn a new trick and practice it until it’s smooth then move onto the next. That way once you have a few tricks under your belt it looks extra impressive. But if a nonyoyoer were to watch the vid they would never know the difference! :slight_smile: keep up the good work!!

Thanks for all of your suggestions! Yeah my Dad and Grandparents loved it so that’s what counts. :slight_smile: Yes, good music is important. :wink: Thanks again!