my first tutorial for I heart yoyo i thought i made it up


suscribe to my new youtube account if you liked this video. enjoy! :slight_smile:


Brett Grimes made it up! a.k.a. ibanezcollector

(Jei Cheetah) #3

And Ryan “Houdini” Monson created it even before that.


well i never heard of someone else creating this same trick so deal with it! >:(
i prefer more comments about how well or not so well it is to follow. :slight_smile:


already knew how to do this.


most people should know this because i wanted to start out with something simple.


chill dude. they were just saying it was already done


and now i know.

(SR) #9

Then you should probably change your title… haha.


how do i do that?


when you click on the thread, select modify. then go up to the title and change it