My First Trick I Made Up!


This is my first trick I made up!!! ;D ;D ;D Tell me what you think!!

Sorry for the bad quality.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

cool man, i really liked it!! :slight_smile:


Wow! Pretty awesome! That trick you made up is pretty complex! I wish that was an official trick.




Nicee. I liked it. Keep it up!


coolio! :smiley:

(JosephP) #7


(M²) #8

Doesn’t need to be an official trick. You can still perform it whenever you want.
Anyways great trick. I think you could of done more with the mount. I’d go back and look at the mount and see what you can do with it. Keep it up. :wink:

What a sec! It needs a name!

(Q) #9

That trick needs to be called Burt Renolds. lol


cool! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
P.S. I hate dogs ( especially small ones) >:(
but thats my personal view


Why? I love e’m.


OMG i swear i thought that was a cat… lol

But besides that amazing trick… im gonna try to figure it out nao!