My first sale thread - PRICED TO MOVE

Wassup Ya’ll

My first “liquidation”
I have some throws I’m letting go for the low low, hoping to move everything on this forum. Would much rather hook up the fam first rather than posting on facebook, reddit, discord…just cause I love ya’ll so damb much

No international (if you really want something PM me and we can work something out)

Will I discount for multiple purchases? Jes.

From left to right:

BBB Endeavour - mint condition/smooth as ice - need to practice your precision? do you need an undersized EDC? – $32 Shipped

Turning Point II - two micro pinpricks/smooth as butter - Undersized and ultra wide, something you should try if those in tandem seem like a good time. (it is) – $52 shipped

D*ckRunner - freshly polished, loved like no other/smooth as glass - I got this cutie from a good lad on this forum. It was loved by him, and then loved by me. I am ready to pass the torch to the next yye gentleman - it’s hit the ground and has returned to tell the tale in a polished fashion :sunglasses: come get this if you can’t wait any longer for the Vayder :wink:$OLD

SF Bliss - mint condition/smooth as silk - Your standard Bi-Metal V, feels good to use, powerful and gives you clout points. My Fulvia grimaces each time I pick this baby up. Lets find him a good home. – $72 Shipped

PayPal Goods and Services - add 3% to final price.

(Click the image below to open the album)



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