Resist temptation

I know what you’re thinking - these are killer deals for some amazing throws. Don’t give into temptation. You should really do something responsible with your disposable income, like investing it in a tax advantaged retirement account. Fun is highly overrated. You’ll thank me later.

LF Mowl M+ in cool colorways (especially orange with blue rings)

If you have one, please PM me - I may have other throws for trade or PayPal.


Killshot - 140

Chopsticks Gorilla - 130

Trion Crash - 120

Phaser - gone

Prometeo - 80

Speedaholic-max - gone

Galaxy Diver 7075 V2 - 80

Galaxy Diver 6061 - 50

Ahay Surge - 50

Cold Brew - gone

Boost 3 (B grades) - gone

Universal Gravitation - gone

Diffraction 2 - 45



I died laughing reading this man! Just so funny in the context of a sale. I love it.

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