My first polish

I polished a dv888 and made spikes on the axle. So you can do madator style.


Looks nice. What did you make the spikes out of?

i retaped the axle so it screws all the way through the original threaded hole and took a file a d sharpend up the end of the new axle

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When did you get a DV888? You didn’t have one in your collection :p.

i left like 8 yoyos at home mostly wood protos though

Aw. Should have brought it :). But ok :). I like the spike :).

Aww, everyone’s taking my spike axle idea…Just kidding lol. Looks great for your first polish! Also, for the axle, it’s better if only the spike pokes out of the hole, that way, you can always go back to the old axle without it coming out of the hole every time you try to screw it together.

I thought you got it from Bob.

Son, are you telling the truth?

The first one I made was pretty much exactly last year, here. And don’t call me “son”. I’ve been here long enough to be yo daddy :wink:


Is this really your first? You said you did the Quark.

Wait, what are you even talking about?

very nice! It kinda reminds me of a bbyy TT

first completed polish. The quark I did not hit up with a clean polish weal so it left sanding marks behind.
Still a polish not just completed

Ok! Love the DV888 :). Do I need a certain nail file to make the spike?

i made one on an alchemy CU 2 years ago hehe ;D

Blah :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t really call it my idea either lol.

yeah it’s surely been come up with before us :stuck_out_tongue:

put the axle in a lathe/ drill and file it while it is spinning

Ok :). Might do it on my Dragon Fly axle. Since it is to long.