My first Photo's ever...

Lol please give me critism. I know a White Backround is plain, but oh well!

Not a bad first up effort! I especially like that group shot =)


Pretty darn good. I would say smooth out the background, even if it is white, and make sure you don’t have wrinkles in the backdrop like the facade, cascade, and folds like the north star ones. Another thing to watch is your focus and iso settings, you don’t want to have over-focus on a certain part and blur on another (unless that’s what you’re going for). Otherwise, it’s pretty smooth. I would be more inclined to buy BST stuff if I saw photos like these of potential products. Also, it’s better than what I could pull off so another +1 there! :wink:

For that shot with the northstar, it looks to me like you had a shutter speed that was too slow. Otherwise everything was great! If you want to step up your indoor pics, an external flash makes a world of difference.

Thank you all for your critism! I really do agree that the focus could’ve been better. I thought it was pretty good until I enlarged it and I saw, well, the ugly.

Wow! Nice pictures!

I like 'em! Plus, you have the awesomest avatar I have seen on this site.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback