my first made up trick” tell me what u think and ideas for a name

Hmm I tried getting the video to show up as a video. Guess photobucket videos are weird. Oh well.

Nice. Looks good.

gonna want a tutorial :slight_smile:

Really cool mate!! At first, I thought that it would just be one of those tricks that strings mounts together, but you really proved me wrong! That was hella snazzy. I’d just suggest a darker shirt for next time, so we cal see the string easier and figure out what’s going on!! It was really neat though. Props!

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Hey I though it was gonna be some cheesy combo using moves from “Matrix” “Cold Fusion” and “Buddah’s Revenge” like most “custom” tricks, but that thing you did was really nice actually! And here’s a good way to make a name for a string trick that resembles pretty much nothing: Use the name of a Playing card, a color, a silly word, something you like, or a food, and mix up two of them 8P


*Red Aces

*Nostalgic Pie

*Blue Oranges

These are all quite stupid sounding but it’s just to give you an Idea :wink: