so this is my first time listing all my throws
-I’m looking for any good cash offers
-would really like a speedaholic
-i would love a canvas or a new avalanche
-or one of the new format C’s
-any offers should be sent in PM
my throws
-i have a pretty beaten DM1 i use for counter weight
-a DM2 that has been painted and used for offstring with new response pads and box
-a yoyofactory 888x with some scuffs and one or two flat spots but it still very smooth with box and accessories
-a onedrop DIETZ [GONE]
-still have black spike onedrop side effects[GONE]
-a CLYW chief [GONE]
-a Oxygene Oxy 5 that i just got, has 1 pinprick and i have spare O-rings and carry bag, it’s probably the smoothest throw i’ve ever used

-for all pictures, check my flickr account and thanks for looking

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