My BST FT: onedrop, plastics, recrev check it out


Only one active BST is allowed per member. I’ve merged the two you had going.


This is my new BST with an updated collection pic, more pics upon request

My throws:
Duncan gold crown
Loop 360
Toxic Hazmat
Onedrop rally
Custom capital serum

Don’t offer if it’s not listed*

Any reasonable offers
Format C
Benchmark V
Other v shaped throws
Blue Ares Star***************

will do two for one

more pictures:][/


someone find me this yoyo in the blue colorway in mint or near mint, no box required and i will trade big. i love this yoyo and I have a confetti chief and other throws


Still have the mangaroo? :o


CLYW is gone, don’t offer if it’s not listed


Chief added, I will be reluctant to trade this throw, I like it but I don’t love it


Bump! Bring me an ares star!


Bump I guess

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