My first 5a video?

This is my first week of tossing around a wee bit of 5a.

good stuff man.

impressive, I’ve been throwing 5A for a couple months and I’m not even close to this

Nice video, I don’t think i can be that good in a month let alone a week.

ugh you have been doing 5A for a week and you’re already better than me! I’ve been trying to do 5A seriously for about 2 months now! X_X"

Great job though dude!

just a question here: for how long have you been doing 1A before making the switch ? this could explain that

well, then I guess it might have helped with many things, the CW work is brand new, but if you know what you want to do and if you’re used to keep all things well aligned, I think it’s fair to assume that it helps getting the job done.

that said, CW work is still something else and new.

But I was wondering how an experienced 1A player would do in 5A, guess I have my answer.

great job nonetheless, it’s still not easy

Correction… 6 years :wink: He’s been throwing exactly as long as I have.


why would he lie about it ? how long you’ve been throwing is not really relevant if you’re in it since years ago anyway.

I believe him, some (me included) actually find 5A easier than 1A

and he wouldn’t get any benefit lying about how long he’s been throwing 5A. I say let the man be, if he’s that good after 1 week good for him.

Wow, I was being sarcastic.

Lies! :smiley:

I was being an idiot, happens sometime