My combo

(Owen) #1

Just want to have your input on this combo
Watch in HD, Please

(Owen) #2

Humpty Bumpty, any Comments or criticism???


Over all good but i thought you were going a awkward peed. I mean it seemed like more of a flowing trick so you should either make it smooth and go slower or make it a speeed trick and make it faster. :wink:

(Edmeister) #4

Make it flow,
Put some transitions in between if you cant.
And practice this trick every day , Smooth it out , Make it longer a bit , Flow it.
It’ll make it look awesome.


you did good no critisism

(Owen) #6

Thanks, guys. i think i’ll slow it down and smooth it out, again thanks for the help!


film so the string is more visable. :wink: thats about it.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Liked where it was going.

I would say, try to adventure out of the basic mounts revolving around double or nothing and 1.5’s. A bit more creative.

Nice stuff.