My CLYW and OD vans


I painted these over the summer and now I have a way to share them to the yo-yo community. I LOVE clyw and onedrop yo-yos and wanted some way to represent both. This was my brain child after about 66 hours of painting, a lot of brainstorming, and passion.

(Joseph) #2

I LOVE OD and CLYW a ton too!!:smile::pray:


Me must re unite them :ok_hand:


If anyone wants pics of the process just let me know

(Tyler) #5

What kind of paint did you use?


I used masters touch acrylic paint. The pack I got, the bottles don’t have a lot. Trust me when I say it, a little goes a long way :wink:


The neon laces finish it off nicely.


Thank you so much! I wanted them to go with the string


These are super sweet my man :heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you, was definitely a labor of love