My bst. Looking to trade and please offer anything. PS3, Xbox games added

Here’s what I have, a signed Ann Connolly whip, Zeekio prism. Red cypher, mvp with sanded rims, rare yogi flame Genesis, dm2, two phenomizms(both only have one cap), beater avant grade bomb squad edition, Zeekio continuum, dr swan yoyo, bgrade superwide, hubstacked superstar (I have the hubstacks)

I also have PS3, Xbox one, and Xbox 360 games to trade

I and interested in a trade for the Avant Garde. I can give a Yoyofactory CZM8 and YoyoJam XLR8 for it

Hey check my offer for the Avant Garde

Is the Super-Wide dinged? If not, id like to trade

Sorry. It has several marks but nothing effects play.