My Bearing Is Yucky Looking (and playing)


I have cleaned it a few times with lighter fluid then applied thin lube. My magicyoyo N9 does not sleep very long maybe 30 seconds and i have had is about 3 months or so. I did not clean it recently.

sorry for bad quality can’t focus with a gopro.

also, should I cut my hair?


Yucky looking? Oh gross. We can’t have that. Before you know it, it’ll change to ‘ewwy’.

Is there a problem with it because the fact that it doesn’t look 100% brand new (because it’s not)? Thankfully you’ll barely have to see that awful thing since it’s hidden in the middle of your yoyo. It’s just a shame that you have to suffer with the mere thought of a yucky bearing.

I’m also enjoying how ironic your screen name is.

You should probably cut your hair.


haha thanks, i’m still wondering about spin time though and it is not completely unresponsive.


Bearings aren’t good forever. Especially the cheap Chinese concaves that ship with Magic YoYos. They’re all I use and they’re pretty hit or miss longevity-wise.




Polish that thing! Will look brand new. Then clean.


Soak it in distilled white vinegar overnight, then take it out and let it dry.


Chuck it out. Put a new bearing in. Done! (not being ironic… seriously, do this)