My awesome new Nimbus!

(Jesse) #1

Today, I was waiting at the door for the mail, waiting for my new Alchemy Nimbus that I was receiving in a trade. I went upstairs for just a second, and, of course, my sister yells that the mail came! I sprint downstairs, only to find that there are just a few magazines and letters. I was SO incredibly disapointed. Then, as I was watching the post-woman drive away, she stopped in front of my house and dropped off a package! MY NIMBUS! The Nimbus is rim satined, and I love it so much that I just thought I’d show you guys.


i have a nimbus! Its AMAZING.

(Jesse) #3

Any more thoughts on it? I think it’s a very underrated yo-yo.

(jared) #4

that looks awsome :o


Looks awesome.

You got it on YYN from ProChris?

(Jesse) #6

Yup, he’s an A+ trader if anybody is trading with him!

And thanks, I love it.


i tried this and i must say its amazing, a little vibey, but thats an easy fix. highly underrated throw, amazing at 5a too

(SR) #8

Looks cool.


Nice blue camera too! Ha.

Nice looking yoyo. :smiley:


i want to do online trades but my mom is suspicious about that kind of stuff