Man no body wants to trade for a nimbus

Hey people just wondering do you have any brands that you find hard to trade. I’ve been trying to trade my alchemy nimbus that’s Mint but people tend to stare away anyone else have this problem lol

My recollection is that alchemy yoyos were always a bit hard to unload. I had a CU Later and felt lucky when somebody posted they were looking for one. He took it…

I’ve never used a Nimbus, but from the description the way is says “customization with other Alchemy products” makes it feel like an apple product? explained further below, but basically sounds like you can’t customize it much. As for the question about finding it hard to trade? Yes, it’s extremely hard. Because mine are all damaged from hitting the ground and my face.

You may ask, “Whats apple got to do with it?” Well, apple products are usually non-universal. For example, how many other products do you know use the new Apple “Lightning Charger”? Nothing else in the world uses that type of charger. It is apple exclusive and if you lose it, guess what? Gotta get another from apple. Why do they need 6 different types of unique chargers for each of their products? so you can’t use 1 single cable to charge all of your ipod products.

Nimbus is still one of my favourite yoyos, they’re awesome!

I think a bough problem may be your location… Many are reluctant to trade internationally as it costs more and takes longer.

I wouldn’t mind having another one .

What do you want for it?

Actually his location is in the USA. :wink:

From yoyo wiki:

It just has a through hole in the hub for the axle, allowing you to use a longer axle to attach things, like maybe hubstacks or whatever. So it’s not a deal breaker like an Apple product.

Apple keeps their power sources proprietary so that users do not substitute 3Rd party, aftermarket chargers with incompatible specifications. Just because a power source is listed as “9V” does not mean that it is compatible with all 9Volt charging systems. Look at the second number - the amperage. That number must lie within the tolerances of the charging target (something that varies from device to device); otherwise electric component failure; or worse - undefined behavior - may occur. Asking consumers to understand this is virtually impossible. The solution is to make the connection compatible with only one device - the correct one. Inconvenient, but is saves Apple millions in support costs.

I use the same exact Apple cable to charge my ipod classic, ipod touch, iphone and ipad. No problems there. :-\

For the record, I actually loved the nimbus.
Given, by todays standards it is a bit outdated. But it is by no means incapable of doing what everyone is doing now. Smooth, fun little ish yoyo.

If I had the money I would snatch it up!


A 2000 poster I’ve never seen…

HaruRay is Jayyo.

I have the same recollection as jhb, that Alchemy was never a particularly hyped or sought after brand, for whatever reason. I think that, combined with it being several years old, make it a bit hard to find interested buyers/traders.

Another thing to consider is that your account is less than two weeks old. This, coupled with the fact that you (incorrectly) live in Georgia may be putting people off.

As others have noted, Alchemy never seemed to have much trade value.

If no one wants one right now, take it easy, wait a month and then try again.

Maybe you’re asking to much?

it seems like whenever I get rid of a yoyo that no one wanted it all of the sudden is in demand. or I find a deal on the same yoyo for way cheaper.

Yeah I know it’s a good throw I’ve used it a little it’s very near mint, but I just am tired of throwing the same thing every day I want something new in my hand, like a boss, are a di base, are mybe a recrev, I would like those yoyos, even more if they are close to mint, but the ones I find are really beat up, and they will trade one really beat up one for it. But i can’t take just one beater I would have to get 2 if there really beat up, but if there close to nice I would love to trade, but man I must have messaged 100 people on the bst thread but nobody makes it easy, I finally had a good trade and we agreed, was ready to ship, then he says oh wait by the way I’m all the way in Australia. Lol but that’s life just gotta keep looking lol :slight_smile:

even if the nimbus was mint it’d only be worth around $40 so you’re over valuing your yoyo it seems, especially considering most people today don’t know what a nimbus is and that’s it’s somewhat outdated compared to todays throws. you might be able to get a boss but it’s going to have some damage. Of the yoyos you mentioned I wouldn’t want to trade a mint rec rev or boss for a nimbus even if the nimbus was mint.

I would suggest changing your location though since it appears you’re not from the united states and many will stay away for that reason alone

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How do I change it I don’t know how?

Go to your profile >> Forum Profile Information >> Please select your country:

Hit the drop down, pick your country.
(The US is almost at the end)

When done, scroll to the bottom and click Change Profile