MWR - June 23 And Roll Call

Dazzling Dave sez…

The 2012 contest will be on Sunday, June 23.

BBQ Saturday, June 22

By pure coincidence I will be attending again, which is odd because I live on the other side of the country :stuck_out_tongue:

Who else is going?

I’m making my family delay vacation by a week to go :smiley:

About 2 and a half weeks away…

BBQ possibly, event maybe.
That’s real definite, isn’t it…

Z will be.

I will be there for the event only :slight_smile: JR division 1a

Ill be there competeting in JR1A its $20 i wish it was cheaoer but whatever itlll still be lots of fun

I decided not to do junior 1a. I think I can make top ten in normal 1a. Oh and who else will be at the BBQ?

Im nervous I have to relax

Dude trust me. You’ll be fine. I’ve been competing for like 6 years now and I still feel the adrenaline. It’s natural.

YOu said 2012 I believe you meant 2013?

Also, for those who are considering Junior 1A, it is mainly for Junior or amatuer. I still qualify age wise, but I won the division last year, and I am pretty much not allowed to compete in it again. Just keep in mind that it is mainly for amatuer juniors.

im going

I’m going.

Nope not allowed. I was talking to Dave. I still qualify too but I won juniors at MN states 2 or 3 times so I’m just going to do 1a.  More challenging :slight_smile:

No, the original post was for the 2012 MWR. The thread got resurrected rather than starting a new one. I don’t know what the dates are for this year, mind you.

It’s June 23 2013 at the Mall of America.If you plan on competing you must register,upload music,and pay online be June 21 at midnight. (witch is tomorrow)

Yeah, ya caught my one & only mistake ever in my life. :wink:

Sorry I missed it all. I spent the weekend pondering my neighbor’s tree sitting on a corner of my house from the double header thunder storms we had on Friday. Or maybe it was the date thingie being all messed up…

Ah that sucks. It was a great contest though. Tons of amazing players showed up. It was a really tough contest, but I got to meet a ton of people!